WhatsApp: how to create restricted groups

WhatsApp groups are of vital importance to many users. For this reason, just a few days ago we told you about everything that a group administrator can do, that is, we wanted you to take advantage of it. However, we cheated: there were two options that we had reserved for a specific post (this one you are reading). At Softonic we tell you how to create restricted groups to have everything more controlled and centralized.

Restrict group info

WhatsApp enables by default that anyone can modify the group information. This is a problem within it, since everyone can put what they want. If it is a group of friends, perhaps there is no problem, but if it is about important information, who knows if a contact can filter or send information without corroborating the rest (in the title, of course). We are talking, therefore, of confusing other users in a matter of seconds.

To prevent this, just click on the group name and go to group configuration. Right there appears an option entitled "Edit group information (Edit Group Info)", which should be enabled by default for all participants. You just have to click on this field and change it to "Administrators only". Information restricted to a select few.

Prevent messages

As we said in the previous paragraph, users participating in a group can provide erroneous information ... with all that it entails. What if you prevented them from speaking so as not to confuse the rest? So what you are interested in is creating an exclusive group to provide information, that is, you do not seek interaction between them.

To achieve this, you just have to go to the option that appears just below the previous point, one that says “Send Messages”. If you click inside this variant, you can modify the command so that only administrators send messages.

With these two functions you can create restricted groups in a matter of seconds. A way to save yourself headaches.

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