WhatsApp: everything you can do as a group administrator

WhatsApp groups are one of the most fascinating features that the messaging service has. However, they can also be a real chaos as soon as you are in many groups involved (work, sports, classes, friends from the neighborhood, etc.). If you want to have some control, our recommendation is that you create these groups. We tell you everything you can do as a group administrator.

Add members

Let's start from the most basic point. When you are the administrator of a group you can add all the users you want (until the group is full, of course). It is as simple as clicking on the group name and clicking on the add participants icon. There we search among the mobile phone contacts and that's it. It is something easy, direct and simple.

Add users via links

To add people to a group you need to have them stored on your mobile phone. You may not be interested in saving that particular contact, so for these types of cases, WhatsApp also has a function. Users can be included in a group through a link. You just have to click on the name and look at the bottom where it says “invite via link”. Copy and give it to that person. There's no more.

Delegate roles: make administrators

Every WhatsApp group can have multiple administrators. Of course, the key lies in knowing how many people are involved in it. As soon as you have dozens of people inside, our recommendation is that you delegate some functions and names to new administrators.

To do this, all you have to do is click on the name of the group, search for the user in question, press and hold on it and click on "Make group administrator". In this way, that person will have the same privileges as you, something essential to bring order in the group.

Note: Administrators can also be undone by following the reverse process. If you see that that person is not performing the tasks assigned, do not hesitate to take away those bonuses granted.

Change global image

Every group has a distinctive element that makes it unique. In other words, an image that characterizes it. Administrators are the main users who can modify this banner, although any user can also change the image in question. It is up to you to give these requirements or not.

All this is what you can do as an administrator of a WhatsApp group. And yes, there is one thing even more important: you can delete the group if you get tired of it. That is what you are the administrator for.
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