What is WhatsApp Web

The name itself already leaves us with some clues, but WhatsApp Web is a version of the messaging application that is used from the browser. Instead of downloading an application on the device, this version is used in the browser, on a computer or on a tablet. It is synchronized with the account that a user has on their smartphone. It allows you to send and receive messages in a normal way, as if you were using the app on your smartphone.

It is a version designed to be used on computers or tablets, devices that do not have access to the normal version of the app. In this way, using WhatsApp Web it is possible to use the messaging application. In addition, it avoids some of the limitations that the version for tablets, launched at the end of 2018 has.

For example, the version of the app for tablets that is downloaded from Google Play, requires another account. So you have to have another device with SIM, so that it is possible to use an account. You can use the same phone number that is already used, but then the app forces the user to use it on the smartphone or tablet. It cannot be used on both devices. WhatsApp Web does not have these kinds of problems.

Since you use the same account that you have on the smartphone. The account is simply synchronized. So that a user can send messages to their contacts using WhatsApp Web. In the same way as if you were using the application on an Android phone. A good option to use at times when you don't have your smartphone available.

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