Log out of WhatsApp Web?

One doubt that more than one user has when using this version of WhatsApp. It is allowed to keep the session started in the browser, so that even if said window is closed, the next time the web is opened, said session is maintained. So that it can be used again normally and send messages in this web version.

When you enter WhatsApp Web for the first time, the user is asked if they want to remain logged in. Below the QR code there is a box in which to check or uncheck this option. Although, despite this option being checked, if you want to stop using this web version at some point, you can log out.

You just have to click on the three vertical points on the screen. They come up with a series of options, including logging out. In this way, if you stop using the computer, the session is closed. Although it assumes that the next time you want to use WhatsApp Web, you have to go through the process shown before.

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