How to use WhatsApp Web

Once the synchronization is complete, you can now use WhatsApp Web normally. You can select conversations in the app, from those that already exist and send messages. The messages that are sent will be displayed at all times on both devices, both on the smartphone and the tablet or computer. Also open new conversations with contacts.

Although, for messages to be synchronized at all times, a condition must be met. Since the smartphone has to be connected to the Internet at all times. Be it WiFi or mobile data, but it should be. Otherwise, the messages that are sent or received using WhatsApp Web will not be synchronized. Otherwise, there is no additional problem when using this version.

It is allowed to send messages, audio notes, emojis, GIFs, attach files and also send stickers. In short, everything that can be done in the application can also be done on WhatsApp Web. It has no limitations in this regard. It allows normal use of the application at all times. Only in this case it is used from the browser on another device.
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