How to save WhatsApp audios

Downloading WhatsApp audio messages using an iPhone is slightly more complicated than with an Android phone, but you'll be able to do it in no time by following these steps.

Step 1: Download Documents by Readdle

To start the process of copying WhatsApp voice messages you will need to download a program that is capable of playing any type of file on your phone. We recommend Documents by Readdle, you can find them totally free of cost under these lines.

Step 2: Forward the audio message

After installing Documents by Readdle you will have to resend, oddly enough, the audio message you want to save. To do this, open WhatsApp, find the audio message and press for a few seconds on it. This will open a drop-down menu where you must click on the Resend option.

Then click on the arrow icon at the bottom left of the screen and select Mail. Enter your email address to send the audio message to yourself.

Step 3: Upload the audio file to iCloud

Now that you have sent the email with the audio file, open your email and the email in question. Click on the attached file and select the option "Add to iCloud Drive" followed by "Documents by Readdle". This will allow us to play our audio message whenever we want through iCloud.

I have followed all the steps but I cannot play the audio from iCloud

Depending on the version of WhatsApp you are using, the audio messages are likely to be saved in .opus format. This one is not compatible with many players so you would need to install a new one on your phone.

We recommend that you download and install VLC for iOS, you can get it completely free under these lines.

We hope this little guide has helped you to find and save WhatsApp audio messages.

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