How to recover WhatsApp conversations

If you are an Apple user, you will also be able to recover your WhatsApp messages in a simple way. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure you have iCloud activated

Unlike the Android version, where messages are stored on your mobile, if you are an iPhone user, your conversations will be stored in iCloud. In order to recover them, therefore, it is essential that you have this option activated.

Activating iCloud is very simple, you just have to click on Settings followed by iCloud. After that, click on Documents and data so that they are automatically synchronized and that's it!

Step 2: Configure WhatsApp to create backups

Once we have activated and configured the iCloud, all that remains is that we have configured the WhatsApp backup system.

To activate it, first open the WhatsApp application, click on Settings, followed by Chats and finally click on Backup. From there, click on Automatic Copy to be able to choose how often your conversations will be saved in iCloud.

Step 3: Retrieve your conversations from iCloud

Finally, to recover messages deleted by mistake, you must first delete WhatsApp from your iPhone and then reinstall it. You can download it comfortably under these lines.

Once the phone has been verified, select the "Restore backup" option and your messages will reappear on your iPhone.

We hope this tutorial has been helpful!

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