WhatsApp adds emoticons, stickers, and drawings to photos and videos


There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most widespread application for messaging and it is one of the most powerful and effective when it comes to communicating with friends, family or co-workers. However, there is an aspect in which other similar apps had taken the lead over WhatsApp and it is in the playful sense since other programs have made a niche for being more "fun" by allowing the use of GIF animations in a simple way, include drawings or with self-destructing chats and messages. Well, today WhatsApp has taken a big leap in this playful facet by integrating new editing functions in the photos including the possibility of integrating drawings of the type stickers or "stickers" to add a touch of humor or personalize the photos. In addition, as we mentioned recently, the camera application that opens with WhatsApp now includes a front flash and you can also write or draw with your finger on the photos as you can already do with other programs.

As WhatsApp explains on its blog, the new features are already being introduced in the Android version and will be ready for iOS shortly. With the new version, when you share a photo or a video you will see the new editing tools and you can draw a hand drawing, include an emoji to add emphasis or an emotion, and even introduce texts with color and style changes, so that you can quickly create something like a “meme” (an animated gif with a catchy phrase) without even leaving WhatsApp.

With these changes, WhatsApp seems to be approaching other more playful programs such as Snapchat or even the new Apple FaceTime, which has also incorporated different resources to emphasize messages such as emoticons and texts of different sizes or effects such as animations that are included in the message. Obviously, the main barrier of FaceTime is that it only works on iOS mobiles, so in markets such as Spanish it is not as widespread.
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