Let no one discover your "little secrets" on WhatsApp

If WhatsApp is your preferred means of being in contact with friends, family and other people, it is worth taking a look at the privacy settings that the application has. By configuring the privacy settings of WhatsApp, you make sure to use this service without worrying about the security of the information you share every day.

Also, configuring these settings is pretty straightforward and won't take long, let's go over the most important settings.

Configure privacy settings on WhatsApp

Entering to configure these settings will not take you long, just go to Settings> Account> Privacy. In this section, you will find 4 main settings related to the privacy of your account: privacy of the last connection time, profile photo, status, reading confirmations and the option to block contacts.

The first thing you should do is enter Account
Remember that the options of the last connection time, Profile photo and Status, you decide who can see them. These are the options you have and what they mean:
Everyone: All WhatsApp users can see the time of your last connection, your profile picture and / or your status.

My contacts: Only the contacts in your phonebook can see the time of your last connection, your profile picture and / or your status.
Nobody: The time of your last connection, profile picture and status will not be visible to anyone.

Enter Privacy and you will have the panel of all these settings
Let no one know when you are connected: modify the last connection time

To deactivate the last time option, you will have to select "Nobody" but beware that you will stop seeing the last connection time of your contacts.
Read confirmation (avoiding double check)

The last setting in the image above helps you disable read receipts. What does this mean? That you can prevent your contacts from knowing that you have read their messages and with this the double blue check mark will disappear.
Like the Last Connection Time, by disabling this, your contacts will not know when you read their messages but you will not know when your contacts read your messages either.
Blocked contacts: when privacy is not enough

Always happens! You got into a fight with someone and you don't want to know anything about him or there is simply a contact that won't stop writing to you and you're fed up with it. In this option, you can decide which numbers will not be able to send you messages, or have access to any details of your information on WhatsApp.

To block contacts, just go to the "Blocked" option and add the numbers with which you want to avoid all types of communication.

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