The best 50 personalized tones for your WhatsApp


According to the factory settings, WhatsApp assigns the same tone to all the messages you receive through this application. However, it is now possible to assign a specific tone to each contact and also to all groups so that you can differentiate them. Here we give you the recipe and then we give you the 50 best tones to personalize your WhatsApp.

Let's first change the ringtone for your WhatsApp contacts. For this go to the Settings menu, Notifications and now Notification Tone. Choose one other than the default and voila! It's very easy. Now let's complicate things.

To assign each contact a different tone, exit the app, go to the contacts application on your Smartphone, choose a contact and activate the contextual menu, find the option “Set tone” and from there choose one. Then go back to WhatsApp, open the contextual menu and the Notifications part, activate the “Contact tone” box and so every time that person calls or sends you a WhatsApp message, that tone will sound.


Now if you want to differentiate the tones of the groups, you must go to the Notification settings of the contextual menu of the app and look for the option "Notification Tone" in "Group Notifications". And presto! Now it remains to remember what tone you chose for each thing.

And if you want to impress your contacts here we leave you the 50 best personalized tones for your WhatsApp, choose the one that most resembles your friend or your group.

For gamers these tones are very fashionable:

Minecraft, with its own explosion sound.
The presentation sound of EAGames
The Counter Strike walkie-talkie alert
The Game Over sound (great for your ex if he keeps texting you)
Grand Theft Auto IV has a great musical curtain
Gears of War, the sound of this sci-fi game is ideal for your message alerts.
WarCraft character expressions are a very good option.
For the nostalgic:
MariosBros, of course, their sounds are great.
Nintendo DS
Game boy
Playstation 2
PlayStation Portable
Rock star games
Sonic the blue hedgehog
Ubisoft, for gamers who have expanded their horizon to France.
Age of Empires, one more classic.
Ringtones for Whatsapp

But if you are not a gamer or your friends are not, here are other tones as good as the others:

Crazy Horse
Broken glasses
Lion roar
Peter "the Eel"
The boy of 8
Pablo Escobar threatening to kill even your dead granny
Piano with sad melody
Female sexual moans (I do not recommend it, it can bring you problems if you forget to turn the sound out in a work meeting)
60s telephone sound replica (for the nostalgic)
Faucet dripping incessantly
Nuclear explosion alarm (do you hear it or hear it)
Medieval trumpets (for epic messages ... or something like that)
Singing kittens, the cutest little thing
Alvin and the Chipmunks
Little birds chirping
Sexy and romantic man announcing that you have a message (in English)
Chicken cluck (for your cowardly friend)
Homer Simpson singing (Tara-rara- hey!)
Homer Simpson yelling "Flandeeeeeeeeers, Flandeeeeeeeeers!"
Knocks on the door
Storm sound
Halloween (horror piano and howling wolves)
Old car horn
Receptionist saying "Your attention please"
Baby laughs
Ramstein Electric Piano
Piiip censorship on TV (for your friend who lives by saying curse words)
Whistle for pretty woman
Mariachi trumpets
Sound of the AngryBirds
And you? Which one do you prefer?
Keep in mind that they are just ideas for you to download, since they are easy to get on the internet, especially on YouTube. Also, you could record some of them yourself… if you dare.
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