How to delete photos and videos received by WhatsApp on iPhone from a contact or group?


Once you have chosen the contact or group that has sent the most photos and videos (or to which you have sent many), as I explained in the previous point:

Access the WhatsApp contact or group you want.
Touch at the top, where the name of the WhatsApp contact or group appears.

The tab with the complete information appears. If you tap on Media, Links and Docs, you can see all the items. There are also, in addition to the files, the links and the documents (you can switch between them with the upper tabs).

After pressing the Select button, you can mark one or more. Then tap on the trash or trash icon: delete. Keep in mind that it is an operation that cannot be undone, so make sure that if you want to keep those images or videos, they are saved in another way.

Enjoy the freeing up of space and, perhaps, an increase in the speed of WhatsApp and even the iPhone if it is slow (here is a good trick to increase the free space of the iPhone without deleting anything). Remember to open the iPhone reel and delete the photos and videos received by WhatsApp there.
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