Discover the trick to listen to your WhatsApp messages without anyone hearing them


It's funny how messaging applications like WhatsApp change our habits in terms of the way we communicate. From the brief and telegraphic SMS of the 2000s we have passed to messages with WhatsApp in which we can have much richer conversations. However, there are times when we cannot waste time writing them by hand or dictate them using voice recognition and we opt for voice messages or voice notes on WhatsApp, which certainly come in handy when you have something to explain and little time. or want to write it. These voice messages have become increasingly popular, since, unlike messages, they are not seen "at a glance" (which is good if you want discretion) and they allow you to have something like a conversation "delayed" without the two people being in communication at the same time.
The biggest downside to messages or voice notes is that they are not very discreet: to dictate them, in many situations you may not feel like letting those around you know what you are saying and, to listen to them, the problem is that when you do air, those around can hear your messages. Of course, you can choose to put on headphones or lower the volume to the minimum so that it is not heard as much and bring the smartphone closer.

If you want to listen to your WhatsApp voice messages discreetly, stop doing it like this: you just have to bring the mobile to your ear and the sound will be redicted to the headset as in a call.
Do you want discretion? Place your mobile as if you were going to talk
However, there is a much simpler way that you may not have discovered and that is that you can listen to your voice messages in a much more discreet way. To do this, you just have to press the button to play the message and bring the mobile to your ear as when you are going to talk on the phone. Thus, the proximity sensor will detect that the smartphone is glued to your ear and will reproduce the sound as when you speak on the phone at a much lower volume and with the upper speaker.
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