Delete attached WhatsApp images and videos on iPhone

As we are in more and more WhatsApp groups, or as we have more contacts, it is not strange to receive many images or videos, which take up a lot (valuable) storage space on the terminal, which can make not only WhatsApp work slowly , but the device goes slow, gets stuck, the applications close abruptly, some apps do not open, etc.

5.1 How to free up space on the iPhone by deleting photos and videos from WhatsApp?

Each photo and video received by WhatsApp on the iPhone, once downloaded, is saved in the WhatsApp application and also on the reel, which causes the occupied space to double.

5.2 Which contact or group is the one that has sent me the most items and is taking up the most space?

In WhatsApp for iPhone it is very easy to know who is the contact or group that has sent the most photos and videos (or to whom you have sent) and the most space is taking up in the application. It can be seen in:

Open WhatsApp Settings Account Storage usage Storage usage by messages (so you can know who are the ones who send you the most messages) or by size (you have to touch at the bottom of the screen).

Open WhatsApp Settings Account Storage usage Storage usage by size. It may take a few seconds for the information to appear.

If you tap on any of the groups or contacts, it informs you of the number of messages, images, videos, audios, locations, contacts and documents exchanged, as well as the total space occupied.
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