Block WhatsApp photos from appearing in gallery


It is quite fair to assume that most of your WhatsApp conversations have a personal tone. If you share images with your partner, the last thing you want is for some of those images to appear alongside others in your phone's photo gallery while you show a friend your last vacation photos.

On iPhone, this is easy to fix: go to the phone's Settings menu, then 'Privacy' / 'Photos' and then de-select WhatsApp from the list of applications that feed the photo gallery.

Users will have to try a little harder. You can use an application to explore files like ES File Explorer, to later find the folders of 'Images' and 'Videos' of WhatsApp. Then you need to create a file called '.nomedia'. This will stop the gallery from searching for files in those folders.

If you exclude WhatsApp images from the gallery, and if you block the application as we explained before, it will give you an additional layer of security in case the phone is stolen or accessed, although it will not be a solution that ensures 100% protection.
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