Adjust privacy and read receipt


Surely, this section you have already reviewed on some occasion to, for example, prevent someone from seeing your last connection time. Well, if you haven't, you should go to Settings> Account> Privacy. On this screen you can decide who sees your last connection time, your profile picture or your status. By default, the setting is "all", and our recommendation is that you change it to "My contacts" so that only your contacts can see your photo or your connection time or, otherwise, anyone who creates a contact with your number can access your profile picture or your status.

WhatsApp Privacy

On this screen you can also block any contact that you do not want to write to you or see your status and you can activate or not the controversial reading confirmation, the blue "double check" so that no one sees when you have read the messages (although in this case you you will also not be able to see the confirmation of others).
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