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The truth is that, for "normal" users, WhatsApp is not an exaggerated source of data consumption; But if you are in many groups where many photos or videos arrive every day, it is possible that the application is another one that “swallows” your monthly fee.

Luckily, WhatsApp has a complete set of settings in which you can check the data that you have consumed with the application and in which you can customize how it is consumed in great detail. So, if you want to lower data consumption, check this setting to see how photos, video or documents are downloaded. By default WhatsApp only automatically downloads photos with your data connection, while videos and documents are downloaded only unattended if you are on Wi-Fi. If you receive a lot of photos, you may need to change the setting to "Wi-Fi" so that photos are downloaded only when you tap on them with your data.

Similarly, on this screen you have a "Lower data usage" setting that reduces call consumption, although if you don't use WhatsApp for calls, you won't notice any improvement.

Finally, if you send videos often, remember the trick that we have explained on some occasion and that consists of cutting part of the video so that WhatsApp is responsible for reducing the size of the file.
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